One Direction Nails Nail Art Gallery Within One Direction Nail Art
One Direction Nails Nail Art Gallery Within One Direction Nail Art

Beautiful One Direction Nail Art Gallery

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Beautiful One Direction Nail Art Gallery | Hey guys!I have a special treat for all of you Directioners
out there! We are making One Direction nails! I created five different designs that represent things and facts about the boys.

I’m really happy how the manicure turned out and I am sure you’ll like it too!! So let’s do this!

One Direction Nail Art

I’ll be using some darker colors of nail polish so protecting the nails with a base coat is an absolute must! Ok, now we’re set to apply some colors! For the pinky I am first applying two coats of white nail polish. I want to make a heart and I find it the easiest with a help of a scotch tape.

So take a piece of tape and fold it in half imperfectly like so.Place it on a flat surface and draw a half of the heart on the edge where the tape is folded.

Cut the shape out, unfold the tape and you should be left with the perfect heart frame. Place it on the middle of the nail but before that make sure that the white polish base is completely dry.You can also stick the tape on the back of your hand to make the glue less intense before placing it on the nail.

Let’s now color the heart by applying red polish on a sponge and dab it on the nail. Quickly remove the tape while the polish is still wet and you are left with a gorgeous heart.

You can leave it as it is or you can make small black dots all around the heart edges like me, so that it pops out even more.  You can use a small dotting tool for this, or just a toothpick.

Lastly, I am drawing an arrow with a helpof a striper and a toothpick. This design is pretty general and you can wear it as an accent nail even if you’re not making the One Direction nails.

One Direction Nails Nail Art Gallery Within One Direction Nail Art

I know many of you love 1D thus a heart on one of the nails is essential. Perfect the arrow shape and apply a layer of a fast drying top coat to finish off. I love how cute and cartoon-ish this design looks!

I think we started of great so let’s move on. The following design represents their music. Apply two coats of white nail polish to start off. Next, I am taking some nail art tape and cutting four short pieces.

You can easily use a normal tape cut in stripes instead. Stick the four parallel tape stripes diagonally in one corner of the nail. Apply black polish in the spaces between the tape stripes and then quickly remove the stripes before the polish has a chance to dry. And that’s how you get perfect music staves.

We also need some music notes, so dip a larger dotting tool in the black polish and make three dots for notes heads.
You can also use a q-tip to get these three large dots. With a striper, make a line on the right side of each dot like so, to get the note stem. And for the note’s flag, draw a short curved line like this.

I want to add some color to my music design, so I am making smaller white dot in each of the three notes heads. One note I am coloring in red, the other one in blue while leaving the third white. It’s important to first make the white dot though, because the colors don’t really pop on top of the black.

Apply a layer of a top coat to complete your music nail design. Watching this design itself makes me wanna listen to some 1D music! So awesome!

One Direction Logo 1d Nail Art Transfer Transparent Sassy | One With Regard To Beautiful One Direction Nail Art Gallery

No one direction manicure is complete without the 1D logo, so I am making it on my pointer. After applying two coats of red polish wait for it to dry completely. You can totally make your one direction sign freehand with a striper, but I will use a
tape to make the lines really straight and precise.

Stick three tape strips along the middle of the nail and then color up the two spaces between with a white nail polish. Again, you can use a scotch tape and cut it in thin strips if you don’t have a nail art tape. Quickly remove the tape and you are left with two white stripes.

These are parts of the number one and the letter D. For the letter D apply some white polish on the upper and the bottom part of the stripe to make it wider there. Then make a curved line using a striper. With a white and red polish make adjustments if needed to get that arrow shape within the letter D. Using a striper brush finish the number 1.

Finally, I am making two stripes across the top and the bottom of our One Direction logo. Working with tape is a bit more time consuming, but it is well worth it, because my striper skills are not that good. Apply a layer of fast drying top coat to seal and protect your work of art. And here’s our complete 1D sign, pretty epic,

One Direction Nails Nail Art Gallery For Beautiful One Direction Nail Art Gallery

So let’s direct ourselves to the next design. On my thumb I will draw initials of the boys’ names. Start off with two coats of white polish for the base. Then I am making initials with a dotting tool and a nail polish in their favorite colors. So for Niall I am using blue polish, for Louis and Zayn red, Liam purple and Harry orange.

I have seen some different information about what are the boys’ favorite colors on the internet, so don’t be mad if you don’t agree with my color choices, just use the ones you think are right. These are their favorite colors from the book Dare to dream, but of course favorites can change through time.

Next take a toothpick dipped in the black polish and outline some parts of the initials, kind of the same way as with the leopard print technique. This will make the design more interesting and the letters will stand out even more.

Finally, add some black and navy blue dots to fill in the empty spaces. To finish off, apply a layer of fast drying
top coat! I think this design is so adorable and including boys’ favorite colors makes it even more special. One of the things that characterizes the One Direction band is the fact that they come from Britain and they are very proud of their home country.

Nail Designs Of One Direction | One Direction Nails With Custom Made Throughout One Direction Nail Art

So on the middle finger I am going to draw the British flag. Start off by applying two coats of navy blue polish. When dried, make a diagonal white stripe with a tape and a nail polish brush. Make sure the stripe is a bit wider because we will have to fit a thinner red stripe inside. Make another diagonal white stripe crossing the first one.

You can help yourself with a tape like me or you can just use a nail art striper to draw this design. Now it’s time for the thin red stripes. I am making them with a tape and a striper dipped in the red polish. Tell me what’s your favorite song from the Midnight Memories album.

I like all of them but must say, I am rocking the Little White Lies around my room pretty often. Wait for the polish to dry completely and then make two wider white stripes vertically and horizontally along the middle of the nail. Complete the flag with couple of red stripes inside the wider white stripes.

That’s how you get the perfect British flag. I am sure the 1D boys would be pretty impressed with this masterpiece, don’t you think? Apply a top coat to make your design pretty and shiny. I think this design came out really epic, you like it my British friends?

Let’s now see how cool the finished result looks like! I think these One Direction Nail Art are perfect if you’re
going on a One Direction concert or just for every day if you’re a true 1D fan. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial, it was requested loads… and I like their music myself.

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