How to Do Japanese Flower Nail Art Designs with Water Colors

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Learn How to Do Japanese Flower Nail Art Designs with Water Colors in 8 simple steps. This unique designing technique of nail art is becoming latest fashion trend all over the world. Jasmine Oshima is a Japanese Nailist Association Certified nail artist working in Tokyo and Vancouver. After getting training from Yokohama, she is trying hard to bring Japanese nail art to the rest of the world. She also developed a website to promote nail art where she delivered online demos n lectures along with workshops to teach nail art Japanese trends and styles.

Japanese Flower Nail Art
Japanese Flower Nail Art

Japanese Flower Nail Art Designs with Water Colors

Here is one of her latest Japanese water paint effects technique nail art which gives a fairy tale look to your nails. Follow these steps to learn to get a watercolor flower on your nails.

  1. Apply White nail polish on your nails as a base coat and let it dry completely for 30 seconds under an LED light. Do the second coat and preserve. Apply top coat to cure.
  2. Now take different color acrylic paint like pink, green, blue and purple on a color pallet. Put some drop of water to each color to thin it.
  3. Now take a pointed paint brush to make petals on the nails by applying pink diluted color.
  4. After cleaning the brush completely, put it on the painted petal so that it can absorb extra paint to get a real water paint effects.
  5. Repeat these steps many times to create other colored flowers on your nails according to your designs.
  6. Create aspect to the design by adding falling petals by repeating steps three and four time.
  7. Use a liner brush and gold glitter nail polish and apply it on the middle of the nail and anywhere else to show there is open space. Then let it dry.
  8. For the top coat apply transparent nail polish and put a stone on top of the nail polish. Preserve.

Your beautiful fairy tale water paint effects flower nail designs are ready to show off. Try these Japanese Flower Nail Art Designs with Water Colors and enjoy. If you have any question regarding this tutorial you can ask in comments. If you like this post than do share it with your friends.

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